Representative Projects

Current Work

  • Owner representative for the development and construction of a 101 room branded luxury hotel in the city of Cap Haitien.This project developed from work performed by SCIH under the USAID grant described below.


  • Providing pre-construction services for a 116 room luxury hotel project on the island of Ile a Vache off the South coast of Haiti.


  • Providing pre-construction services for development of a marina facility in Cap Haitien.

Habitation Jouissant

Cap Haitien, Haiti

Ile a Vache


Completed Work

  • Provided pre-construction services for a 54 room hotel in Cap Haitien including coordination and value engineering of foundation design options, selection of contractors and drafting of construction contract.  Construction in progress for scheduled opening during the last quarter of 2016.


  • In December 2010 Mr. Jean-Bernard Simonnet, President of the “Association Touristique d’Haïti Atlantic Chapter” (ATH) engaged us to prepare and deliver a presentation on behalf of ATH members to representatives of “Haiti Integrated Financing for Value Chains and Enterprises” (HIFIVE), a USAID financed project in Haiti.HIFIVE had approached ATH to inform them that the agency had grant funds available for private sector tourism projects in the North that would satisfy the critical need for at least 200 additional hotel rooms in the North generated by the upcoming Caracol industrial park project, the Cap Haitien airport expansion, the sea port renovation project, the establishment of the Milot National Park and other US and internationally sponsored development projects.The support for the projects is consistent with the objectives set forth in the Action Plan for National Recovery and Development of Haiti published in March 2010, which identified tourism as one of the five key sectors whose strengthening is required to provide the mechanisms necessary for the sustainable growth of Haiti’s economy.Cap Haitien was identified specifically as a critical zone of influence given the sea port, air port, historical significance and substantial populations.


  • We prepared the project program proposals and made presentations to HIFIVE, UNIBANK (a local Haitian bank), a representative from the Haitian Ministry of Commerce and the owner/representatives at a meeting in Cap Haitien in January 2011.Within a few days, the representatives from HIFIVE informed the owners that their projects qualified for the grant.HIFIVE and UNIBANK commenced the paperwork required for issuance and disbursement of the grant.


  • SCI Haiti, S.A. was awarded the grant from USAID in September 2012.We completed Marketing & Feasibility Reports for nine properties in the Cap Haitien area in the summer of 2014.The reports included project scope narratives, marketing & feasibility analysis, estimated project budgets, typical project schedules, preliminary architectural and engineering designs, coastal & marine engineering preliminary designs, food safety program outlines and sustainable operations outlines.The projects have the potential to create approximately 400 new rooms for hospitality guests and business travelers.


  • Two of the hospitality projects are currently in the design development phase. Three additional owners are in the process of securing financing for their projects.


Commercial/Industrial Work

  • Provided logistical support and technical support for a US based marine engineering firm conducting bathymetric surveys of the Port of Cap Haitien and the Port of Fort Liberte.The project was a part of a international initiative to expand port facilities.


  • Provided pro bono consulting services to a primary hospital in Milot to determine optional methods for constructing a maternity ward facility and a perishable pharmaceutical storage facility.Coordinated the purchase and installation of a structurally insulated panel (SIP) system for each.The projects created approximately 6 temporary jobs for local Haitians and the manufacturers trained local Haitian workers in the installation process.The client has planning efforts in progress for doctor accommodations, operating facility and other support buildings.Future projects will produce approximately 15-20 temporary construction jobs for local Haitians.Training is provided during construction activities in the areas of general safety, proper usage of tools and improved construction methods.


  • Provided pre-construction services for a US based non-profit group during the design, procurement and installation of a 4,600 square foot clinic in Petit Goave.Responsibilities include coordinating the establishment of a Haitian non-profit in cooperation with a Haiti attorney associate in Port au Prince.The project will create 10–15 temporary construction jobs for local Haitians for 3-4 months.Local contractors, vendors and material suppliers will participate in the project and permanent support jobs will be created to maintain the facility.The building system proposed will provide training for the local laborers that will enable them to work with the building system manufacturer on other projects throughout Haiti.


  • Retained by a business in Cap Haitien, SCIH advised them during the re-purposing of an industrial property.Included in the scope of work was the rehabilitation of existing warehouse facilities which included structural inspection and re-certification of existing buildings with the objective of preserving value where possible.Project scope includes replacing aged roofing systems, doors & windows, re-configuring the truck loading/unloading processes and constructing new small support structures.The project will require a Haitian general contractor and general labor form the local community.


  • Provided supervision and labor for a US based non-profit by coordinating with Haitian partners during the construction of a school in Saint Marc. Jobs for 15 Haitian carpenters were created for a period of six weeks.


  • Sub-consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) tasked with preparing Environmental & Social Due Diligence reports for two projects in Port au Prince.One project report was completed in August 2011 the remaining report is pending completion of a revised master plan by the architect.These are major projects that are projected to create approximately 100-200 temporary construction jobs each for the local Haitians for 20-30 months and approximately 15-25 permanent jobs after completion of the work.SCI Haiti, S.A. prepared the Pre-Construction and Construction Activities section of the Environmental & Social Due Diligence Report.


  • Consulted pro bono with two hotel owners that have facilities requiring shoreline repair & stabilization work as well as beach re-nourishment.Engineering proposals were presented from coastal & marine engineering associates and are currently under consideration by the owners.One client decline identification.


  • Consulted pro bono with a US based SIP manufacturer during the construction of their entry in the Building Back Better Communities Expo held in Port au Prince.


  • Senior member of the original development team for a 240 room hotel in Port au Prince.


Co-Founder of Haiti Initiative Group

Formed for the purpose of providing a centralized source of reconstruction expertise for the small and medium business owners that were ravaged by the earthquake.  One of our initial efforts was to develop a community master plan focused on determining a rational and economically sustainable neighborhood design comprised of homes, schools, green spaces, roadways, retail and commercial spaces, government spaces, religious facilities and related infrastructure sized appropriately for semi-permanent utility systems that could later be transitioned to the permanent national infrastructure systems.


Sponsor of CHRIS Conference 2011 in Miami, Florida



Sponsor of Haiti Reconstruction Forum 2011 in Miami, Florida

Hosted by IDB, Enterprise Florida and Miami-Dade County to promote business relationships between Florida businesses and Haitian businesses.  SCI Haiti, S.A. was a table sponsor.  SCI Haiti, S.A. had as guests a Haitian general contractor from Port au Prince, a Haitian-American business owner based in Miami, working in Haiti along with several Miami based associates that regularly work in Haiti.


SCIH was invited to travel to Washington, D.C. in 2012 with a delegation of Haiti business persons to meet with various US agencies, US legislators, NGO’s and think-tanks for the purpose of discussing the conditions on the ground from a small/medium Haitian business owner’s point of view.